Camera Observation

With More than 10 years experience in camerasolutions we advise and install CCTV and digital IP cameras. We offer tailor made solutions for you home or business. 

Who needs Security Camera's?

All houses, residences or businesses should have a camera system. Not only to protect your property but also for example to resolve a dispute with a customer. Being in the safety of your home you can check the premises without going outside with all the risks included or maybe you just want to check on your housekeeper to see what he or she is doing.

We offer camera solutions for almost every budget. Low resolution analog cameras for general overview till full HD for identifying perpetrators and vehicle license plates.

Digital IP cameras can be connected to your network and / or internet to watch your cameras from wherever an internet connection is available.

We invite you to our store for a free advice.

High Resolution IP Camera's

We have HD 1080p full HD cameras in stock. These cameras have build in night vision to record in absolute darkness. With a frame rate up to 20 fps you are assured of the best possible image.
To store these we offer a wide range in recorders and against very competitive prices.

SPECIAL: We configured for you high quality camera / recorder set consisting of 2 1080p full HD cameras for indoor and outdoor use and an 8 channel recorder so you can expand your system up to 8 cameras. Even if you have existing IP cameras there is a good chance that they can be incorporated in the system as the recorder supports many renown brands.

Example picture.